Shar Henry



Shar was always an avid dog lover but in 1999 after being introduced to dog agility the sport became a passion.  She began by training Meg’n, a small dark red Golden Retriever with lots of spunk.  Since Meg’n was really her husband’s dog Shar helped to train her and then gave her handling duties over to Norm.  Meg’n went on to become the First Golden in Colorado to earn a MACH and ADCH and went on to compete and climb the title ladder until she retired at 11 years of age.  Wanting to get in on the handling fun Shar got another Golden, Kenzi, who earned 2 MACH’s, ADCH Bronze and competed in 4 National Championships until she died from Lymphoma at an early age in her life.  Shar then moved on to compete with another Golden Retriever dynamo named Tar’n, and they amassed numerous achievements and continued to  climb the agility success ladder.  In 2011 Tar’n was a National Finalist for USDAA Performance Grand Prix, an honor bestowed on very few dogs in their lifetime. In June 2014 Tar'n became the 3rd Golden Retriever to ever acheive the USDAA Agility Dog Champion GOLD title.  (ADCH GOLD) and she earned MACH3 and PACH2..  In 2013 Shar and Tar'n won Regional Master Challenge Biathlon in P22" and Tar'N retired in 2017.   Shar continues to  compete with Rev’n, who is Tar'ns daughter and they have accumulated 3 MACHs and in 2018 Rev'N competed in the World Championship Finals in Grand Prix.  In 2014 Shar started competing with Cruz'N a border collie who has both MACH and ADCH and in 2019 competed in World Championships for Grand Prix placing 3rd.   

In addition to competing with her dogs, Shar is also a well-known and accomplished trainer, coach and seminar presenter whose students have accumulated many successes.  Shar is also proud to note that several local trainers in the South Denver area have been coached by Shar over the years and they are now not only benefiting from Shar's coaching in competition but their students are benefiting too.  Shar is also active in several local agility clubs and has been an avid supporter and advocate of agility in Colorado.   

When not working and training in agility Shar and her dogs can also be seen on television and print ads as she is often called upon to show off her dogs skills for the camera.


Shar’s many accomplishments include:
2009 RM Regional Performance Team Champion  Tar'N
2009  PGP 3rd place Regional Champion   Tar'N

2011 USDAA National Performance Grand Prix Finalist  Tar'N

2011 RM Regional Performance Grand Prix Champion  Tar'N

2011 RM Regional Performance Speed Jumping Finalist  Tar'N

AKC Nationals Qualifier for 9 years in a row with multiple dogs

USDAA Nationals Qualifer for 9 years with multiple dogs

2012 USDAA Nationals Semi-Finalist  Tar'N

2012  PGP 3rd place Regional Champion  Tar'N

2012  PSJ  2nd place Dallas. Regional Champion   Tar'N 

2012  PSJ  2nd place  SW Regional Champion   Tar'N

2012 PSJ 2nd place MW Regional Champion  Tar'n

2013 SW Regional Master Challenge Biathlon

2013 PSJ  Regional Champion  Tar'N

USDAA Silver Lifetime acheivement  Tar'N

2015  PSJ 2nd Place Central Regional Champion Tar'N

​2016 GP Semi-finalist  Cruz'N

2017  PSJ 2nd place Regional Champion  Rev'N

2017 PSJ 3rd place Regional Champion  Rev'N 

2018 GP  2nd place Regional Champion   CruzN

2018 PGP FInalist  Cynosport World Championships   7th place  Rev'N

2018 GP Finalist   Cruz'N 

2018  GP Cynosport World Championship  3rd place   Cruz'N

2018 DAM Team Finalist Cynosport World Championships  Cruz'N

2019  Biathlon Regional Champion   1st Place  Rev'N

Norm Lende



Norm began his agility career in 1999 with Meg'n, a cute little Golden Retriever who needed something to do.  In no time at all it was clear Meg'n really liked this new game called agility.  She sailed through Novice and Open and before she was 3 she had her MX and MXJ and she was only 4 when she earned her first MACH.  In 2004 she earned her MACH, ADHF and ADCH.  Meg'n retired at the age of 11 with 6 Master Agility Championship titles, an ADCH Bronze and a Bronze Lifetime achievement award   She was the first Golden Retriever in Colorado to earn these dog agility Championship  titles.  Meg'n left us in January 2013 at the age of 14 1/2.  She will always be in our hearts as the dog who introduced us to the sport of agility.

In the Spring of 2005 Norm adopted a lovable little Border Collie that we call Fl'n.   When we first brought Fl'n home he was pretty shy, and didn't know how to play.  He quickly made friends with the other dogs,  it wasn't long before he was a part of the family.   Norm and Shar started training Fl'n right away and he entered his first competition in April 2006 and moved into Excellent in January 2007.  He was fast and loved the game of agility.  Fl'n retired in 2017 after qualifying and competing in every AKC and USDAA National championship since 2007.  He earned MACH2, ADCH Silver and won 1st place in the large dog agility Purina Incredible Dog Challenge in 2012

Norm also competes with Race'n, one of Tar'ns puppies born in 2009.   Race'N has MACH2 and ADCH Bronze.  He has competed in AKC and USDAA Nationals every year since 2007 and was an AKC National Finalist   Race'n is following in his mothers footsteps as a TV and print star, showing off his stuff for commercials and advertisements.  

In 2017 Norm started competing with his newest agility dog, Ast'N.  Nephew to Cruz'N from Rival Kennels in Canada Ast'N is a fireball.  Ast'n competes in Masters in both AKC and USDAA and is already qualified for Cynosport 2019 and well on his way to a MACH.


Norms many accomplishments include:

2008 Performance GP National Finalist  Meg'N

2008 RM Regional Performance GP Champion  Meg'N

2011 RM Regional USDAA Grand Prix Finalist  Meg'N

2012  USDAA Regionals Steeplechase Champion  FL'N

2012  Purina Incredible Dog Challenge regional winner  FL'N

2012  Purina IDC  National Large Dog agility winner Fl'N

2014   Steeplechase 3rd place Regional Champion Race'N

2014   Steeplechase 3rd place Regional Champion   Fl'N

2015    Steeplechase 2nd place Regional Champion   Fl'N

2016  Steeplechase 2nd place Regional Champion  Race'N 

2016 Grand Prix 2nd place Regional Champion   Race'N

2016   PSJ 1st place Regional Champion  Fl'N 

2016   PSJ  3rd place Regional Champion   Fl'N

2017  Steeplechase 3rd Place Regional Champion  Race'N

2017  AKC National Finalist  Race'N

2018  Steeplechase 3rd place Regional Champion   Race'N 

2018  Grand Prix 2nd place Regional Champion   Race'N

2018  Dam Team finalist  USDAA World Championships  Race'N 

2019  Grand Prix Regional Finalist  2nd Place   Race'N