Team Fly'n Paws

MACH5 adch bronze  Fly'n Paws Run'n at Redline  MXb2 mjb3 pjd pad xf t2b usdaa: jch-gold sch-gold rch-silver sach-silver gch-bronze tm-gold ptm-gold pjch


 Rev'n was one of 11 puppies born to Tar'n in 2009.  She started her agility career in November 2011 and in........she earned her first MACH. She now has 5 MACH's   She loves running agility and can't understand why she has to wait her turn.  Rev'n is a lot like her Momma-T, She's very small in stature but huge in personality, she's got a lot of drive and she's very independent,  loves to play but not so keen on training :-)      2018 Rev'N earned her way into Wold PGP Finals and took 5th place

MACH2 ADCH BRONZE Fly'n Paws Race'n through the Course  MXg mjb2 pjd xf t2b2 usdaa: sach-gold jch-gold sch-silver rch-silver gch-bronze mcjch mcsach-bronze


Race'n, another one of Tar'ns 11 puppies and the opposite end of the spectrum from Rev'n in size.   Loves to play agility and has a great work ethic.  Race'n made his agility debut in November 2011 and he and Norm are having a fantastic agility career.  This guy has it all, great looks, great personality, lots of drive and he's a lover boy.  Any girls dream!!!! 

MACH ADCH RIVAL'S Cruz'N in Top Gear mxs mjs af usdaa: tm-gold rch sch sach-bronze jch-bronze gch


Cruz'N came to us in July 2013 and he's made himself known as one very important family member.  CruzN started competing in August 2015 and cruised right into Excellent in January 2016.   He's a little go getter who would rather be outside than in and would rather run than walk.  When it comes to agility he's very serious and seems to get what it's all about.  When not doing agility he loves to play Frisbee and swim.   

Rival's q by ast'n mart'n ax axj of USDAA: aad


Ast'N is Cruz'N nephew.  He's quite the little super star and full of drive.  Norm has his hands full with this one.   Ast'N started competing in 2018 and sped through novice and open and into Masters in no time.  He's got some pretty cool moves and he's going to be an amazing agility champion.

Tita'N Trick dog


Tita'N is Ast'Ns nephew and the newest member of Team Fly'N Paws.  He's going to keep Shar pretty busy but has all the makings of a champion.  Keep an eye out for him coming to an agility trial near you sometime in 2020 

mach2 adch silver Intrigues in like fl'n mxc mjs2 mfb t2b2 USDAA: gch-gold sch-gold jch-gold rch-gold sach-silver tm-platinum laa-gold


Retired but not forgotten.  He won't let anyone forget who the real champion is.  Fl'N is the rescue dog that got us started with Border Collies.  So smart and talented.  He came off the streets of Omaha and took the agility world by storm.  Fl'n is 14 plus years old and going strong. 



Tar'N SEPT 2003 TO NOVEMBER 2017 MACH 3 PACH2 ADCH Gold  Fly'n Hi Tar'n Up The Course  MXB2 MJG2 MFB MXPS MJPG PAX2 OD ADHF . usdaa: laa ch-gold adch-gOLD pdch tm-goLD gch-gold jch-gold rch-gold sch- gold ptm-pLATINUM psch pjch-bRONZE pgm pkm prm

  Tar'n is a half sister to Meg'n and was quite the little spunkmeister.  Tar'n was a wonderful agility teammate and a best friend, she was fast and loved to make her own decisions, which kept Shar on her toes.    She loved to swim and the pool in our back yard was her favorite place to play.  Tar'n entered her first AKC trial in April of 2005 and continued to play agility until 2017.  In December of 2009 Tar'n gave birth to 11 wonderful puppies, 2 of them (Rev'N and Race'N) are at home with us taking up where their momma-T left off as agility champions.   Many of those puppies have gone on to have great performance careers which has earned Tar'n the title of Outstanding Dam   Tar'n aka LIttle Red Dog, was an all around performance dog and the best momma dog ever.  She took charge of her pups from day one teaching them the ropes and shaping them into the wonderful agility dogs they are today.  On the agility course she was amazing, she was fast and determined to do it right.  Many times Shar would say "she makes me look good out there".   Tar'n loved to do anything you ask, she was a great swimmer, fantastic hunter and best friend a girl could ever ask for.   Tar'n left us in 2017 after many years of devotion.  She will be forever missed.



 Meg'n....She's how it all got started!  We wanted to train a dog in obedience and ended up making it a full time hobby.  Meg'n was the first Golden Retriever in Colorado to earn the Master Agility Championship title, MACH2, MACH3, MACH4, MACH5, MACH6 and also first to earn the Golden Retriever Club Agility Hall of Fame award.  She was also the first Golden Retriever in Colorado to earn the USDAA ADCH title among many other USDAA titles listed above.  Meg'n qualified for AKC National agility championships as well as the USDAA World Championships every year she competed.  In 2007 Meg'n placed 35th out of 300 dogs in the AKC National Championships.      In April 2008 Meg'n earned her 6th MACH title and then retired to performance to earn her PAX title.   She also earned 1st place in Performance Grand Prix at the Rocky Mountain Regional to earn a finalist spot at the National Championships  in the fall of 2008. Meg'n was running agility until she was 11 and then couldn't understand retirement.  She still wanted to do agility just a few months before she passed and Norm would set the jumps to 8" and let her have some fun.  Miss you dear Megs, you are always in our hearts


KENZI JUNE 18, 2000 - AUGUST 22, 2006 MACH2 ADCH Lookout Kenzi's Quick as a Flash CD JH  WC ADHF   USDAA:     SACH-Bronze TM-Bronze SCH-Bronze JCH GM RCH


Following her big sister, Kenzi was the second Golden Retriever in Colorado to earn those coveted MACH, ADCH and ADHF titles.   Kenzi also earned a spot to compete in both AKC and USDAA Nationals in 2003, 2004 & 2005 and competed in the USDAA GP Semi-finals at Nationals.  Kenzi placed in the top 10 in 2004 for GRCA agility Goldens, and placed 2nd in the Colorado team competition at the 2004 AKC National Championships.  .  Her favorite pastime was swimming though and she would often let us know as we passed a river or lake that she thought we should stop and take a dip.

In 2005 Kenzi was diagnosed with Canine Lymphoma.  While on chemotherapy Kenzi  continued to run in agility and earned her ADCH and her MACH2 and was well on her way to MACH3 when unfortunately the lymphoma  invaded her bone marrow in 2006 and we had to say good-bye to our special girl.  It was a sad good-bye but we had a great year together and we had time to celebrate her life with her.  She went shopping with mommy, she went swimming as often as possible, she ate all her favorite foods and slept in all her favorite places.  Kenzi had a joyous year playing, laughing and smiling all the way and in the end she left us in a peaceful sleep under her favorite tree in the back yard surrounded by family and friends who shared stories and memories of Kenzi's wonderful life.   Miss you sweet girl, love you always....Mommy