******Over the past decade I have gotten to know Shar and her training very well. I first met her when she was the manager at a training camp I was hired to work at. In the years that have followed I have teamed with Shar and her husband in USDAA events, I have had the honor of working for her and this past year when my husband passed away suddenly, Shar and Norm took over some of my classes in FL. My students loved working with Shar and appreciated her positive attitude and attention to detail. I would highly recommend if you are in the Denver area and have the chance to work with Shar take advantage!

Ann Braue

5 time World Team Member

2 time Crufts AKC / USA representative

2013 AWC World Team Coach

2014 - Current European Open Team Coach

******My first team of dogs started training with Shar in 2006. . ..  Both have earned their masters titles and working toward MACH and PAX/PACH status.  Shar has also helped me bring up two young dogs to their current Excellent levels. . .and two more puppies that will be trialing soon.  My dogs continue to excel with Shar's help and knowledge.  She challenges me (both physically and mentally) which makes me a better/smarter handler.  The thing that makes Shar stand out from other coaches is the fact she realizes that all dogs are different - the way they are built, the time it takes them to "get it", etc.  There is no one way to train. . .and Shar has a "whole bag of tricks" to help even the most challenging of canines.  She also knows just how hard to push us as a team.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your work and support you have given us thus far!   Kathy D and the Schnauzers

*********From Beginner to Champion…The Fly’n Paws trainers have been there every step of the way, teaching us the basic skills of agility all the way through advanced handling and course analysis.  Shar’s style of training challenges us to keep moving forward while learning new skills along the way. Thanks to Shar’s training, Smokey and I have qualified for the AKC National Agility Championships two years in a row and Smokey has earned her MACH. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it hadn’t been for Shar and Norm.  Thank you Fly’n Paws!

****Being a competitive athlete and also having a dog who is very athletic and competitive - agility is the perfect outlet for the two of us!  It has helped our bond and understanding of one another.  We are both learning something new together and with the proper training and practice I look forward to a very successful future as a team!

**** “I love training at Fly’n paws—Shar and Norm are extremely patient and encouraging.  Fritz and I have found the instruction and support at trials invaluable and are having a ton of fun!”

*****Why Fly’n Paws Agility?  I conferred with my vet who has been competing in agility for many years on whom she would recommend.  I wanted an instructor that was accomplished and consistent in their own right; taught close to my home; would have patience with both of us; and could make the learning process fun.  Shar showed great patience through the learning process with a lot of love and praise of my dog when she was scared to do something.  Yes, there is a lot of work to be done out of class which can seem intimidating at first, but in the end it was worth it.  I now have a dog that has an attitude and loves to come to class.  Her confidence level has increased immensely since we started and I think still builds with each new challenge.  I have also made a lot of new friends through this process.  Each has been supportive in both classes and at trials.  We can share our ideas of approaches on running a course, discuss pros/cons of each option and cheer each other on.  I have found agility to be a rewarding sport with my dog that has improved my health and keeps my mind sharp.

******We started training in agility in 2006 but we could never make time on the course, a friend suggested Shar at Fly'n Paws so I gave her a call.  I was afraid she'd tell me that my dog wasn't made for agility but instead she told me any dog could learn to have fun and play the game and that has stuck with me ever since we started training with Shar in 2009.  Not only are we now in Excellent but we're well on our way to earning Double Q's and we are getting more and more points as we go.  We've gone from being in Open for over a year and not making time to competing in Excellent and not worrying about time.  Shar taught us that agility is a game and it has to be fun for both team members, we might not win world championships but I have the best playmate in the world.***M

******I’ve had the privilege of training with Shar for over 1½ years.  In this short time she’s managed to take a dog and a person and mold them into a successful competitive team.  Her style of training challenges us to keep moving forward learning new skills along the way, while still keeping the “fun” in agility.   Agility is a challenging and rewarding sport.   We  wouldn’t be where we are today, if it hadn’t been for Shar and Fly'n Paws Agility. Unfortunately we had to move back East for my hubbys job but we're still doing agility and looking for a new instructor who will continue our growth in the sport***Dotty and Lil

****I thought agility was going to be really hard as we practiced each week on courses in class, then I entered my first trial.   That's when I realized that Shar was preparing us to succeed the first time out.  We zipped through novice and now we're in open in just 4 tries.  We have so much confidence now and each run is a lot of fun.****Me and Vinny

****When we first started training with Shar we just couldn't make time on courses and I was so frustrated that I was about to quit and go back to just playing with my dog.  After a lot of encouragement from Shar and a few months of hard work we not only make time on Standard but we're qualifying in jumpers too.   Thanks Shar, I think we'll keep playing*** DS